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Do You Want to be Part of an Exciting Industry?

When you pair outrageously vicious food and excellent customer service with southern flair and a genuinely welcoming hospitality experience, you have the makings of the best breakfast franchise people are drawn to.

Be a part of a dynamic industry with your own Vicious Biscuit restaurant

The Numbers Speak Volumes:

  • About 7 out of 10 consumers will spend more money for great service and customer experiences – that’s what Vicious Biscuit is all about.
  • The U.S. fast casual food industry is worth nearly $126 billion get your piece of it all!
  • The breakfast industry, including sweet and savory biscuits, is the number one food trend to watch.

Need More Reasons to Join The Best Breakfast Franchise ?


At Vicious Biscuit, we like to say we’re not in the restaurant business, we’re in the entertainment business.


  • Leverage multiple revenue streams within desirable operating hours: food and beverages, a streamlined delivery menu, and catering services
  • Learn from an experienced team with decades of restaurant and franchising experience
  • Operate your fast casual restaurant franchise in protected territory
  • Take advantage of the media buzz that surrounds the uniquely-positioned Vicious Biscuit brand
    • Featured on The Cooking Channel’s Food Paradise “Dynamic Duo’s”
    • Won numerous awards for Best Biscuit in Charleston, South Carolina
    • Rated Best Brunch in Charleston, South Carolina
    • Awarded Best Shrimp & Grits in Charleston, South Carolina
    • Rated Best Biscuit in Summerville, South Carolina

Need More Reasons to Join The Top Breakfast Franchise ?



    • The breakfast food franchise industry is thriving, with an increasing number of people seeking convenient and delicious breakfast options. By joining the Vicious Biscuit franchise, you can tap into this lucrative market and capitalize on the rising demand for quality breakfast offerings.
    • Our breakfast restaurant business has developed a highly successful and proven business model that has garnered numerous accolades and awards. As a franchisee, you’ll benefit from their well-established systems and processes, allowing you to hit the ground running and maximize your chances of success.
    • When you join the Vicious Biscuit franchise, you gain access to a top breakfast franchise brand with a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of operating a fast casual restaurant. Their experienced team will provide you with ongoing support, guidance, and industry insights to help you thrive in your business.
    • Vicious Biscuit takes pride in offering a diverse menu featuring a wide range of delectable breakfast options. As a breakfast restaurant franchisee, you’ll have the flexibility to customize your menu based on local preferences and capitalize on emerging food trends, ensuring your offerings resonate with your target audience.
    • Our successful breakfast food franchise has built a strong brand reputation through its commitment to delivering exceptional quality, flavor, and customer service.

Why Wait to Lay on the Southern Charm?

Consumers want unique flavors with a regional taste, served in way that is both convenient and appealing. If you are a restaurateur, or business professional with a partner experienced in the food industry, we encourage you to explore the Vicious Biscuit franchise opportunity.