With 37 Units Signed and More on the Horizon in 2024, the Brand’s Breakfast Rebellion is Well Underway

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (January 12, 2024) – From the launch of its franchising opportunity to milestone celebrations, Vicious Biscuit, the hottest fast-casual biscuit experience in the Southeast, reflects on a pivotal year as the brand prepares for even bigger success in 2024.

Having successfully disrupted the breakfast fast-casual occasion with its flagship restaurant in 2018 and the opening of five additional company-owned locations, Vicious Biscuit launched its franchising program in early 2023, partnering with emerging brand accelerator Pivotal Growth Partners (PGP) to lead franchise growth and development.

The brand, which recently celebrated its 5-year anniversary, is recognized as a Top 20 Brand to Watch for 2024 by Fast Casual Magazine. Adding to the accolades, Vicious Biscuit was also honored with the “Best Sandwich” title in the Ponte Vedra’s Recorder’s inaugural Best of the Beaches poll.

“After reflecting on the incredible strides we’ve made in the past year, The Vicious Biscuit team is energized and looking forward with great anticipation,” said George McLaughlin, co-founder of Vicious Biscuit. “The launch of our franchise model has been met with great interest. We are committed to building on this momentum, aiming for a year filled with growth, new achievements, and spreading our unique biscuit experience to more communities across the country.”

As Vicious Biscuit looks ahead to 2024, the excitement continues with the opening of its 7th corporate location in Columbia, South Carolina, and its first franchise location in Montrose, Ohio. With seven franchisee deals totaling nearly 40 units in the works, Vicious Biscuit is well on its way to reaching its target of 75 locations over the next five years.

Leadership and Growth: Looking to the Future

2023 also saw significant leadership advancements within the company. Amanda Kahalehoe was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, bringing her extensive business experience to the forefront of the brand’s operations. Since joining Vicious Biscuit in 2021, Amanda has been at the helm of various departments, including finance, marketing, technology, human resources, and development, contributing to the brand’s growth from two to six units in less than a year. Throughout her profession, Amanda has consistently led the charge in pioneering innovation across sales, operations, accounting, and technology domains. Her contributions to Vicious Biscuit have been instrumental in accelerating the brand’s growth through innovative strategies and practices.

The brand also welcomed Catherine Hull to the team, drawing from her impressive marketing background at Marco’s Pizza, Fazoli’s, and Papa John’s. Catherine has assumed the role of Fractional

Chief Marketing Officer. With a primary focus on crafting comprehensive marketing strategies, Catherine aims to create resonance with the target audience and drive sustained brand growth. What sets her apart is her proficiency beyond traditional marketing methods; she introduces a data-driven approach to the decision-making process. Catherine employs data analytics to examine market trends, consumer behaviors, and competitor insights to optimizing the impact of marketing campaigns on the overall growth of the brand. Vicious Biscuit is seeking both single- and multi-unit operators to join the ranks of its breakfast revolutionaries and help spread its Vicious hospitality across the U.S. For more information on franchise opportunities, visit www.viciousbiscuitfranchise.com.

About Vicious Biscuit

Born from the visionary minds of veteran restaurateur George McLaughlin and biscuit innovator Michael Greeley in 2017, this trailblazing fast-casual franchise breakfast brand and biscuits are anything but ordinary. Vicious Biscuit serves up a menu that’s as unapologetically bold as it is delicious. Our locations, rooted in Southern tradition, offer a warm welcome and embody our commitment to unparalleled hospitality. Our award-winning biscuits have garnered numerous “Best Biscuit” accolades, and our fierce flavor combinations are featured on The Cooking Channel’s “Food Paradise.” To learn more about the Vicious Biscuit franchising opportunity, visit www.viciousbiscuitfranchise.com.

About Pivotal Growth Partners

With a combined 50+ years of experience, Pivotal Growth Partners (PGP) has led emerging brands to position themselves for accelerated growth, maximizing brand and shareholder value. As a full-service growth and development consultant firm, PGP’s team of experts builds on a brand’s strengths through the development of systems, processes, people, and culture to collectively drive sustainable growth within the organization. In 2022, PGP was recognized in Inc. magazine’s Inaugural 2022 Power Partner Awards, honoring B2B organizations across the globe with a proven track record for supporting entrepreneurs and helping startups grow. For more information, visit www.pivotalgrowthpartners.com.