There are many reasons guests visit Vicious Biscuit time and time again. It may be the biscuits, or perhaps the opportunity to outwit the last guest who writes something clever on the chalkboard. Mostly though, guests return because Vicious Biscuit welcomes guests like family with fun and friendly service, and, of course, biscuits that are to die for.

The Vicious Biscuit team knows exactly what they are doing. They are taking a Southern staple, turning it on its head with gourmet flavors, and sharing it with the rest of the country. New franchise locations are a win-win for everyone. Business builders have the opportunity to own a fast casual restaurant leveraging a brand that allows consumers and communities far and wide to experience a true taste of Southern hospitality. 

This is a unique opportunity to serve local guests who seek experiences with their food and look for new twists on old favorites. Qualified franchise owners or their partners should have some knowledge about running a restaurant, and the rest can be taught through our extensive training program. If you want to get in on the fast casual restaurant experience and understand that the food is only part of the mission, then Vicious Biscuit may be an excellent fit.

The Vicious Biscuit franchise opportunity is targeted toward prospective buyers in key markets throughout the United States. For more information about this exciting opportunity to own a fast casual restaurant with Vicious Biscuit, please call (843) 278-9010 or email