Investing in a dinner franchise can be exciting, offering a proven business model and brand recognition. There are many brands to choose from when considering franchise restaurant opportunities, and you will also have to decide whether to own a brunch franchise or a dinner franchise.

Brunch franchises have more unique advantages than dinner franchises and cater to consumer preferences and market dynamics. Consumers want new and exciting places to eat — not the same old dinner franchises that have been around for decades.

Here are the pros of opening a brunch franchise vs. the best dinner franchises.

The Growing Popularity of Brunch

Factors such as a desire for social dining experiences and flexibility in timing and menu choices have caused a surge in popularity for customers seeking brunch spots. According to a report by OpenTable, brunch reservations in the United States have increased by 82% over the past two years.

Brunch is exciting compared to dinner franchises, which can be tedious and stale. Meet your customers where they want to be — at a brunch franchise, not a dinner restaurant franchise.

Wide Range of Customers

Unlike a dinner restaurant franchise, brunch franchises cater to a wide range of customers. By serving breakfast and brunch items, you can attract different segments of customers, such as early risers, families, friends looking to catch up with a fun, boozy brunch, or those seeking a chill dining experience to catch up on work.

Lower Operational Costs

Brunch franchises often benefit from lower operational costs than dinner franchises. The menu for brunch is typically simpler and requires fewer ingredients and preparation time. This can result in reduced food costs, labor expenses, and overheads.

Additionally, the brunch concept allows for a streamlined staff schedule, as it doesn’t require a late-night service or extensive cleaning and preparation after closing.

Flexibility and Menu Innovation: A Feast of Opportunities with Dinner Franchises

Brunch franchises offer a unique opportunity for creativity and menu innovation. Brunch menus can be versatile, combining breakfast classics, lunch items, and creative brunch specialties. This flexibility enables you to cater to various dietary preferences and trends, such as vegan, gluten-free, or farm-to-table options.

By continuously updating and diversifying your menu, you can attract a loyal customer base and stay ahead of the competition — as opposed to the cheapest dinner franchise, which rarely innovates.

Capitalizing on Special Occasions and Events: Dinner Franchises that Shine

Brunch is often associated with special occasions and events. Owning a brunch franchise allows you to capitalize on these moments and attract customers looking for a relaxed and indulgent dining experience.

Whether it’s Mother’s Day brunch, Easter celebrations, or Sunday family gatherings, brunch franchises have the potential to generate higher revenue during these peak periods.

Leveraging Social Media

Brunch has gained significant traction on social media platforms, with users frequently sharing their brunch experiences through photos and reviews. Owning a brunch franchise provides an opportunity to leverage the power of social media marketing.

Encourage customers to share their brunch moments by creating Instagrammable dishes, implementing interactive promotions, or hosting brunch-themed events. This can amplify your brand visibility, attract new customers, and foster an engaged online community.

Ditch the Dinner Restaurant Franchise, Open a Vicious Biscuit

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They are creatively concocted, handmade, and enormous. You won’t find a menu like this anywhere else. Customers flock to us to be entertained during breakfast or for a boozy brunch with friends. Either way, our customers leave satisfied, happy, and looking forward to returning to Vicious Biscuit.

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In your pursuit of culinary entrepreneurship, we’ve explored the merits of brunch and dinner franchises.


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