Searching for the right breakfast restaurant franchise to open can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. We understand there are many factors to consider when deciding on the perfect choice for the best breakfast franchise.

Vicious Biscuit should be at the top of that short list in your search for the best breakfast restaurant franchise. Biscuits that are viciously deliciously at the top of their game are just what the customer craves.


Why Biscuits for a Breakfast Restaurant Franchise?

Biscuits are a tried-and-true staple of southern cuisine. They are not merely traditional fare in the breakfast and brunch game though. Biscuits have staying power and an almost cult-like following. Everyone from grandma to little Johnny wants a bite of that vicious biscuit.

Vicious Biscuit has taken the humble biscuit and elevated it with wildly creative and delectable twists on the beloved staple. The wide swath of fans for the humble biscuit have been elevated in turn and the breakfast restaurant franchise has forever been changed.

Proving their staying power with lines out the door on the regular, the Vicious Biscuit breakfast restaurant franchise is doing well in every location that’s opened.


How Did the Vicious Biscuit Breakfast Restaurant Franchise Begin?

In 2017, veteran restaurateur George McLaughlin happened upon a rave review from a local food critic on the amazing Biscuit-teer Michael Greeley. He experienced an epiphany. This biscuit concept needed to get out there.

Michael was a local caterer shaking up the industry with his unique biscuit recipes and looking to start a food truck focused on biscuits. George knew how to grow a concept to a successful franchise, so he reached out.

The two connected. Baked biscuits. Sampled the menu. The flavors, the textures, the perfectly baked southern biscuits not only stood up to the rave reviews, they were beyond delicious. They were vicious.

They exchanged ideas on Michael’s aptly named concept, Viscous Biscuit. Michael and George decided the best way forward was to grow the concept through brick-and-mortar locations rather than food trucks.

The perfectly baked partnership and the Vicious Biscuit breakfast restaurant franchise were born.

Maximizing Strategic Breakfast Restaurant Franchise Opportunities:

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Ongoing Success of Vicious Biscuit

A fundamental way to decide whether a breakfast restaurant franchise investment is worth exploring is to look at its past, current, and projected future success.

Vicious Biscuit opened its first location in December 2018 in Mount Pleasant, SC and it was a smash success! The menu was full of tongue-in-cheek brand new Southern biscuit creations such as The Flame Thrower, The Fat Boy, The Vicious, and Fried Green ‘Maters that customers couldn’t get enough of.

Customers were addicted and they quickly became repeat customers. When the line was out the door and around the corner, George and Michael knew what had to happen. They had to expand.

Vicious Biscuit officially entered the fray. The breakfast restaurant franchise was about to experience a shakeup.

After the successful launch of the flagship restaurant, Vicious Biscuit has since opened multiple locations across North and South Carolina. Each new location has been met with excitement, satisfied repeat customers, and those same lines out the door.

The fanfare for each successive opening of this exciting breakfast restaurant franchise is yet another reason to join the Vicious Biscuit franchise.

A Different Approach. Redefining the Restaurant Reputation

The Vicious Biscuit approach to business is what separates us from other brands. Our passion is for our people. We viciously guard the separation of our staff’s personal and professional lives and we believe and practice a more balanced quality of life; one where staff are happy to join our family and want to stay because they are treated like family.

Our hours of operation are just one example of this commitment to balance. We open for breakfast and brunch, long enough for our customers to enjoy our biscuit creations. Then we close. We are not your 24/7 diner, and we are not looking to be.

We have honed our approach to running the best breakfast franchise over many years. We believe Vicious Biscuit stands toe to toe with the best breakfast franchises out there. Not only is our food unrivaled in the breakfast restaurant franchise industry, but our belief in people sets us apart from the hospitality industry status quo of overwork.

We know our approach to staff and their well-being are above and beyond.

These philosophies drive our success into the future because they create sustainable work environments.

The Breakfast Restaurant Franchise is Ready for You

Lines out the door. Biscuits in the oven. New creations to satisfy the cravings of the most demanding breakfast critics. Opening a breakfast restaurant has never been more attractive than now.

Due to the increasing popularity of Vicious Biscuit, further expansion makes sense.

We are the breakfast restaurant franchise to knead and we are looking for potential owners to come with us on this viciously delicious opportunity.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about joining our brand!